Gold Coast removalists like no other


If there is a task more tedious than moving house, I’m yet to find it. I’ve had to move a couple of times in the last few years due to my job, and I’m getting to the point where I went to sell everything I own just so I don’t have to move it again and again. Thankfully, a mate put me in touch with Woodhouse Removals and they were able to remove the headache that’s usually involved with this kind of thing. I’ve spoken with Gold Coast removalists before, but these guys came out winners by a mile. They were on time, courteous, and didn’t throw my belongings around in the truck like I’ve seen in the past. If you’re moving anywhere on the Gold Coast, give Woodhouse Removals a call.

Great Cure for Intestinal Worms

Intestinal worms can be hard to notice and even harder to kick. Doctors will be quick to prescribe you medication, which will get the job done but often at the expense of general bodily balance. You don’t have to fill your body with harmful chemicals because there are a number of effective natural remedies that will get the job done just as well.


I rely pretty heavily on PPC Herbs for great natural remedies online. You can jump on the site and browse for specific medication or by condition like intestinal worms, and usually find a range of products to suit. You’re guaranteed all natural products sourced form all over the place and they can get them to you in under a week.

Reliable Hydronic Heating Boilers

Great heating is a godsend in winter and summer is the best time to get that sorted. Hydronic heating is the best and while there’s a decent capital expense, it pays dividends in the long run. I recommend anyone remodelling to consider changing over to hydronics just because it is such a nice way to heat a home and environmentally sound.


Hunt Heating have an excellent range of hydronic heating boilers, which are the basis of any good hydronic system. You will need a number of heaters or elements which you can put in the wall, floors or even things like towel racks. Good suppliers like Hunt Heating can supply and install a full package in less than a week.

Womens Shoes from Novo

I buy Novo Shoes because they can’t be beaten on value. They have good quality shoes and while they aren’t necessarily hand made by Italian designers the range is really stylish and they have a little something for everyone and every occasion. I love having a big range of well made, comfortable shoes and I really think there is no one better than Novo Shoes for that.


Womens shoes are such an important part of womens fashion and all of my girlfriends spend a fortune on them. It blows my mind that so few of them have cottoned on to Novo Shoes and that none of them can tell I bought my shoes online for half the price of what they usually pay.

Plantation Shutters Take the Cake

We just had plantation shutters put in the café after a lot of research and discussion. We spoke to several companies and looked at a range of options and in the end just went with our gut. Plantation shutters have always appealed to me because of the warmth and convenience. I like the thin sheets of light they let in and find them very atmospheric, it’s just perfect for the late afternoon sun that comes in through the front windows.


We had all the work done by Blockout Blinds that are based here in Melbourne. The service was very friendly and the workmanship was excellent. We chose them for the range of blinds so all the other stuff was a great little bonus.



Forklift hire Melbourne wide at NTP Forklifts

I work in events management and recently pulled off a huge arts fair in the inner suburbs. I love my job – it’s always different every single day and I like the challenge of making sure all the pieces fall into place. We had quite a lot of heavy lifting to do, so I figured the best bet would be to hire a forklift for the couple of days to save us time and sore backs. The company I went to was NTP Forklifts – I’d used them years ago for another event. They provide forklift hire Melbourne wide at really competitive rates and are happy to discuss different options based on what you need. We hired another man for the day that a licence to operate the thing and that was that! Easy.


If you’re after a car hoist for sale, you can’t go past Tufflift

I’ve recently started an apprenticeship as a mechanic and I absolutely love it. I’ve always loved messing about with cars, and I wasn’t really into school that much, so when I turned 17 I left on the condition that I get an apprenticeship straight away. So far, so good. I’m learning a lot, especially about the quality of gear you can buy. My boss is a huge fan of Tufflift, and recently bought a few new car hoists from them. I know I don’t know much, but these guys seem like the real deal. If you’re looking for a car hoist for sale, my boss swears by Tufflift.

The best kitchen makers in the business


As a builder, I’ve seen all types of kitchens. Modern, traditional, contemporary, the list goes on. I’ve always noticed that customers tend to want to get involved in the process and choose things like the benchtops, cupboards, handles, those minor details. Which is fine with me – makes my job easier. Whenever I’m asked to recommend kitchen makers, I always say The Kitchen Design Centre. These guys really know their stuff – if you can’t find it there, you can’t find it anywhere. I sent a couple there just yesterday and they spent a few thousand dollars all in one go. If you’re getting a new kitchen, start with these guys.

You’ve seen the rest, now see the best at Nobody Denim

I love jeans. I wear them more than any other item of clothing. I work in a café in the city, so I’m jeans all day every day. For that reason, I always try to find a pair that not only stands out but always lasts a long time as I don’t want to have to buy a new pair every few months. I’ve found some good brands, but my favourite by a mile is Nobody Denim.

They’re a local label that’s taken off both here and overseas, and the high waisted skinny jeans from them are my favourite. They’re really flattering, and look great with pretty much anything. They’re durable, too – I bought the pair I’m wearing right now about 2 years ago and they haven’t shown any signs of ageing. I’m never usually the kind of person to rave about this kind of thing, but trust me you can’t go past Nobody.


A beautiful selection of wedding dresses Melbourne wide

Ask any bride to be how much goes into planning a wedding, and I hope you’ve got an hour to hear the reply. My fiancé and I are getting married in a couple of months and it’s mayhem at our place right now. Thankfully, she’s got the wedding dress sorted as of yesterday, so I feel that’s the hardest part over (I hope). She found the one she wanted from The Designer Bridal Room and I have to admit it looks unbelievable.


Their wedding dresses Melbourne store had a number of dresses from designers that were real one-off pieces, so I’m glad she found something unique. We’re a long way off from ready, but the dress is done at least!