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I seem to have the worst luck with cars. The last two I’ve owned have been complete lemons, so this time around I enlisted the help of a car broker. I admit that cars and anything automotive is not my forte at all, so I really wanted the best car brokers Brisbane had to offer. That’s when I came across Ryan The Negotiator – what a lifesaver! His car buying service is really quite simple – he acts as a broker and does all the haggling and negotiating with car dealers and salesmen. Trust me, if he can’t get you the best deal then no one can. He even offers to refund his initial fee of $249 if he can’t get you the exact car you want. I was after a Toyota Hilux as I need a ute for work, and he found me a 2010 model that cost me a couple of thousand dollars less than I was prepared to pay had I have done the research on my own. It really is a great service – give him a call.