When it comes to standing all day, comfortable heels are a must

Real talk – Naturalizer is a lifesaver. But before I get into that, let me share with you a little story. It was my first time going to the races and of course, I was dressed to the absolute nines. I got my hair and makeup done, a brand new dress and of course, brand new shoes. I know you’re probably shaking your head at the thought of me wearing brand new, stiff high heels to an event that requires standing all day, but I was younger and more foolish back then.

Either way, race day came and I was feeling great. Well, at least I was, until about half way into the day and my heels began to blister and my soles ache with pain. I was stumbling around the racecourse foolishly and wincing with every step. Finally it got to a point where women around me were peeling off their heels, so I followed suit, only to see myself briefly the next day on the news, hunched over, holding a pair of heels and a glass of champagne. Completely embarrassing and simply not a good look.

I wasn’t deterred from the races, but for the following year I vowed to wear comfortable heels. And this my friends, is why I say that Naturalizer is a lifesaver. The next race day I was able to wear my shoes all day and leave with my dignity intact. They definitely come highly recommended by me.


A bond loan helped me get out on my own


I must admit – being 25 and living at home wasn’t exactly how I’d planned my life to turn out. It was in the two weeks before my 26th birthday that I realised something had to change. It’s not that I didn’t want to move out I guess, I could just never save up the money I needed to cover bond and the other expenses associated with moving. My girlfriend said she’d heard about something called a bond loan, which would give me the money I needed to help me get on with my life. With this in mind, I started looking for places within my budget, and when I had found suitable places, it was a quick process to be approved with Rent Bond Move. I was finally accepted as a tenant last week, and feel ready for what living out of home will bring.

Great Melbourne house and land packages for first time buyers



I guess I would call myself pretty lucky, having found my dream job when I was just 19. Even luckier that I still lived at home so everything I was earning, I was saving. My girlfriend was doing the same, and before we knew it, it was reasonable for us to look into buying our first home at age 22. Being our first time buying, we figured it was in our best interest to look at Melbourne house and land packages, which would allow us into our new home faster at competitive pricing. We ended up buying with Five Squared who had developments in a location we were thrilled with. We’re now in the process of moving out and I don’t think my girlfriend and I – or my parents – could be happier.

Capture your memories using wedding videography


There were so many decisions that went into planning a wedding, I couldn’t believe it. The dress, the cake, the venue, the catering – the list goes on. Then, after months of meticulous planning the big day finally arrived, and begs the question, who did we trust to capture this milestone? For me, wedding videography was just as important as the photography. I wanted someone to capture the laughter, love and joy on film so that I could relive the happiness I would inevitably feel on the day. I found C2 Video who specialise in boutique wedding videography, which made it an easy and obvious choice. I can now look back and re-imagine what was the happiest day of my life so far.

Melbourne river cruises are the perfect way to party in style


Your 21st birthday is something you never forget. More importantly – it’s something your friends and family won’t ever forget – so it’s essential to impress. I knew I had to do something different to all of my other friends, something that would stand out in the forefront of their minds as the epitome of luxury. So, why not look at some Melbourne river cruises? Boats are synonymous with luxury, excitement and style and I knew I had a winning idea. Dreamscape Tours were awesome in catering to my every wish and provided delicious food and an amazing dance floor. Needless to say, my party will go down in my friends and families history books as one of the best, and Dreamscape Tours are to thank.

How bond loans QLD wide could make your job easier


I work as a property manager, and let me tell you, it’s by no means an easy job. I mean, on one side you’ve got your tenants, who are constantly demanding your time and attention, pestering you to change their light bulbs or tend to a slightly stiff door. Then on the other, you’ve got your landlords, demanding that their property be leased permanently, with no gaps in tenancy, at the highest possible price and with no out of pocket expenses to them. It’s definitely a balancing act to keep everyone happy, but I’ve got to tell you, I love it.

To be honest, I love it because I’d like to think I’m pretty good at it, and I’m good at it because I figured out some useful organisations early on. For example, to keep properties full, Bond Loans QLD is an awesome organisation to know about and then recommend. In instances where the only thing stopping a tenant from moving in is an ability to pay the bond, they’re able to assist with bond loans QLD, Victoria and NSW wide! This makes helping a new tenant into their place easier, as well as securing the landlords monthly payments, thereby making my job that much easier.

Of course, it’s unreasonable for me to think that my to-do list will ever be completely cleared, but little tricks and helpful hints like using Bond Loans QLD, definitely make the ever mounting list of tasks that little bit more manageable.

Gold Coast removalists like no other


If there is a task more tedious than moving house, I’m yet to find it. I’ve had to move a couple of times in the last few years due to my job, and I’m getting to the point where I went to sell everything I own just so I don’t have to move it again and again. Thankfully, a mate put me in touch with Woodhouse Removals and they were able to remove the headache that’s usually involved with this kind of thing. I’ve spoken with Gold Coast removalists before, but these guys came out winners by a mile. They were on time, courteous, and didn’t throw my belongings around in the truck like I’ve seen in the past. If you’re moving anywhere on the Gold Coast, give Woodhouse Removals a call.

Splashbox should be your go to for web developers Melbourne wide


After a lot of hard work, yesterday marked the day my brand new e-commerce site went live thanks to the team at Splashbox. It took a lot of work for us to get to this point, but we’re happy we did.

As far back as I can remember, I’d always felt like I was just one step ahead of my peers – when they were just getting into one trend, I’d already moved onto the next. It was for this reason that I figured a career in buying could be the right path for me. However, it was my dad who questioned why would I buy for someone else’s business, when I could trend forecast and buy for my own? The thought of being my own boss was definitely something I’d thought about before, and with my lifelong best friend by my side, we decided to do it. We’d now been open for about 13 years and couldn’t be happier.

However, like any business, we were always interested in a way to drive more sales, so we decided that perhaps it may be time for us to join the digital world. This is when we spoke to Splashbox about setting up our website, being the best web developers Melbourne had to offer. They developed something both functional and flawless in appearance and we can’t wait for our customers to start shopping with us digitally.

A great facial Melbourne wide for men


Throughout high school, I had some pretty bad skin problems, but figured it was just part of growing up and my skin would heal once I made it through puberty. Unfortunately, it didn’t, and I realised it was up to me to treat and look after my own skin. Of course I immediately found and started a skin care regime, but also saw the merit in having regular facials, because lets be honest, I have no idea what’s good for me. I wanted something specifically tailored to men’s skin and found Masque to be so helpful. For men, I could definitely recommend their facial Melbourne wide, as it provided the skincare I needed as well as a tension relieving massage to boot. My skin is worlds apart from how it used to look and the team at Masque is definitely to thank.

Great Cure for Intestinal Worms

Intestinal worms can be hard to notice and even harder to kick. Doctors will be quick to prescribe you medication, which will get the job done but often at the expense of general bodily balance. You don’t have to fill your body with harmful chemicals because there are a number of effective natural remedies that will get the job done just as well.


I rely pretty heavily on PPC Herbs for great natural remedies online. You can jump on the site and browse for specific medication or by condition like intestinal worms, and usually find a range of products to suit. You’re guaranteed all natural products sourced form all over the place and they can get them to you in under a week.