You’ve seen the rest, now see the best at Nobody Denim

I love jeans. I wear them more than any other item of clothing. I work in a café in the city, so I’m jeans all day every day. For that reason, I always try to find a pair that not only stands out but always lasts a long time as I don’t want to have to buy a new pair every few months. I’ve found some good brands, but my favourite by a mile is Nobody Denim.

They’re a local label that’s taken off both here and overseas, and the high waisted skinny jeans from them are my favourite. They’re really flattering, and look great with pretty much anything. They’re durable, too – I bought the pair I’m wearing right now about 2 years ago and they haven’t shown any signs of ageing. I’m never usually the kind of person to rave about this kind of thing, but trust me you can’t go past Nobody.



Expert contract works insurance thanks to BRIC

As a builder, there are a lot of rules and regulations I have to comply with. Naturally, this is a good thing – people invest a lot of time and money in my services and I have no problem complying with all the rules and regs to ensure that my clients’ money is money well spent. One of the most important things is contract works insurance. Ever since I became a builder and started working for myself, this was one of the things I made sure was under control straight away. It covers a whole range of things, and the most comprehensive policy I found was through BRIC. They act as a broker and have a lot of great relationships with providers in the industry. I was able to sit down with them, discuss my options and devise the best policy for me and my clients. If you’re a builder and want to protect yourself, I suggest getting in touch with BRIC.


Plant Wall Wonder

I’ve been into gardening and flowers since I was a little girl. My mum used to bring home the most beautiful bunches of flowers every week and we lived next to this beautiful park with a river and just so much beautiful greenery. Now I live in the city, which is a big change and not something I was thrilled about but it’s hard to go past the convenience. I’m also a big foodie so for wining and dining it’s great.

I have got an indoor plant wall, which gets sun from the skylight and a big floor to ceiling window. I was a big dubious about it because I thought it would take a lot of work to keep it looking good and we might have problems with damp etc. I had O2 Plantwalls in to explore the idea a little more and they were just amazing. They’ve given me the most beautiful little garden and it basically takes care of itself.

Diet Meals Delivered Dineamic Style

Long before I loved the food, or even liked it, I loved the convenience of having diet meals delivered. Things have really improved in delivered meals and diet meals because it has become such a massive industry. That’s really down to the fact it’s such a great service.


Everyone wants to eat well but we get lazy and so we eat junk, or fast food, or take away. By making the healthiest option also the most delicious and convenient, Dineamic have made it incredibly easy to take care of yourself. I think the only effective way to make good lifestyle choices with health and wellbeing is to remove all of the resistance. That’s the way you sustain health, by making it delicious and easy to do so.



Haven Fencing Automatic Gates

It took a break in for us to decide we needed to improve out home security. We live in a pretty nice area and have always just had a really low brick fence between us and the street we live on. With young kids we decided it was probably better to have a space they can’t escape from quite so easily. Just having a little peace of mind when they’re playing in the front yard is a godsend.

We looked at a variety of options and contractors and ended up going with Haven Fencing. They built us a new fence around the property and installed some automatic gates. Automatic gates in Melbourne can be really expensive but Haven Fencing had some great value options and cost saving ideas that meant we could get the security and convenience we wanted on our very limited budget.

Hairdressing Courses Online


They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Acquire Learning begs to differ. I’ve recently celebrated my 50th birthday and I’ve just gone back to school for the first time since I was a young girl. I’ve been a business owner for about 20 years now, running a successful nail salon in the suburbs. I’ve loved every minute of it but I’ve always yearned for something more. For quite a few years now I’ve been leaning away from nails and my interest in hairdressing has grown – unfortunately, despite all my years in business I have no experience whatsoever when it comes to the latter.

I decided I’d simply learn from scratch and get the skills I needed. I already know how to run a business so if I can learn the hairdressing skills necessary then I’m sure I can combine the two. Naturally, I’m a little too busy to simply go to uni or TAFE every single day so I looked around for online courses and subjects – that’s when I found Acquire Learning. These guys seemed like the real deal straight away. They act as a type of online learning hub – they’ve brought together really good course providers from all over the country and made a central place for them online.

The hairdressing courses they have are top notch. I looked at each one closely before making my decision, and they even assigned me a Careers Advisor to help me along the way. I did appreciate the extra care, as most people my age are in need of a little assistance when it comes to navigating the online world (I am getting there!)

I ended up enrolling in one that does actually provide on-campus learning as I figured hands-on experience was going to be my best bet. Luckily, the units fit in with my work schedule so I can do my modules before or after work and I’m actually getting trained by real industry professionals, so I know I can apply the stuff I’m learning once I’m qualified. It’s a real exciting change for me, and I’m glad I took the plunge.

Self storage options to your company and family

Are you looking for the best self storage solution in Richmond? Do you lack in area at home or in your workplace? If so, you then we have the most effective self storage solution available in Richmond to preserve your valuables. Secure, dry, clean as well kept for a very long time.

None are good as Discount City Storage, although there are various firms that also provide good storage facilities in neighbouring suburbs. As you know organization need big storage space to store material for later use. For such situations, storage with DCS is fairly useful since they enable storage for both short term and long lasting durations.

Steps to check out for easy storage

As storage is always an occasion of moving from one spot to another, you must follow certain rules to have the finest self storage without losing time in arranging objects for a safe location. Simply follow the under provided ways to have easy storage solutions with your personal help.

  • Know about the space required for your storage needs.
  • Make sure where you are able to store these products protected from climate, weather along with other natural calamities, you pick a probable storage site.
  • Not just at home, every company involves storage methods in some way to develop more space for other valuable items.
  • Then you can take the help of experts who will enable you feel calm by giving the most effective alternatives for you If you’re not able to get tips about self-storage devices.

If these points are followed, thus giving you great freedom and makes you cut costs while still receiving an A grade service.

Self-storage solutions keep your valuables valuable

As most of the other storage facilities are presenting the method of storage in an instant, straight forward and easy, self-storage options are gaining more and more popularity among town livers.

DSC have skilled specialists who will complete the duty within your storage unit, supply packing boxes for the shifting of the merchandise, and anything else you request. They know the importance of your goods associated with you, your company or particular work and assure 100% satisfactory services at affordable prices.


For the best car brokers Brisbane has to offer, check out Ryan The Negotiator


I seem to have the worst luck with cars. The last two I’ve owned have been complete lemons, so this time around I enlisted the help of a car broker. I admit that cars and anything automotive is not my forte at all, so I really wanted the best car brokers Brisbane had to offer. That’s when I came across Ryan The Negotiator – what a lifesaver! His car buying service is really quite simple – he acts as a broker and does all the haggling and negotiating with car dealers and salesmen. Trust me, if he can’t get you the best deal then no one can. He even offers to refund his initial fee of $249 if he can’t get you the exact car you want. I was after a Toyota Hilux as I need a ute for work, and he found me a 2010 model that cost me a couple of thousand dollars less than I was prepared to pay had I have done the research on my own. It really is a great service – give him a call.